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All About Our Heirloom Breads

Always Organic Ancient Grains


Meet our Farmers and Millers. Our bread is created using  Premium Quality Certified Organic Heirloom Wheats grown regionally on small sustainable farms. Our Whole Wheat bread flour blend is a combination of Certified Organic Heirloom Wheats from Bluebird Grain Farms & Hayden Flour Mills . BlueBird Grain Farms grows and mills our Einkorn, Emmer, Payasane and Heritage Rye all beautiful low gluten Ancient Grains. Hayden grows and mills our Sonoran White Wheat, a Land Race grain we are proud to use. Our grains are milled for us at the time of order ensuring us Fresh Ground Heirloom Flour for every loaf of bread! Our Flour is NEVER bleached or bromated. We choose our Farmers and Millers for their superior Heirloom Grains as well as their continued commitment to safe waters and forests. Sustainability Matters!

Wild Yeast Breads


  OUR 100% ORGANIC HEIRLOOM ARTISAN SOURDOUGH BREADS   Our hand crafted heirloom bread is baked fresh using our own unique Yosemite Gold WILD YEAST Sourdough Starter and freshly milled whole grain non-gmo organic flours from small sustainable heirloom farms that support a diverse and healthy food system. Our starter may not be the oldest starter in the country...we leave that to the 'Frisco Bakers but it is certainly one of the best. We use our fresh milled flour and Yosemite spring water for a truly unique local flavor.  Sourdough is a unique, traditional way of making bread that is an all natural fermentation from wild yeast in the freshly milled flours, that adds natural  leavening, (fluffy slices of bread perfect for putting butter and jam on ) flavor,  fantastic nutrition and easier digestion. Sourdoughs work by predigesting the proteins in wheat that are troublesome for our digestive systems to break down and utilizes. Thankfully a vigorous sourdough will do half the work for your systems while is it fermenting and rising! 

Fermented Long......Baked Fresh.


We start each wild yeast bread baking session by making up our batches of dough and letting them sit in a cool place for a few days to gather flavor and nutrition as they ferment. We then shape, pan and rollout our doughs around 3 am each morning. Our breads are then allowed to rise for a few hours and then baked in our nice hot oven with a bit of steam. This means fresh bread for all our Sandwiches as well as loaves on the shelf in our retail section for you to take home with you . Life is Sweet, Enjoy your Slice. 

Organic Artisan Bread & Pastries Menu

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A Sweet Box of Our Signature Organic Cookies


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Enjoy our fresh bakes cookies anytime of year. Try this  box of our Organic Signature Cookies in 4 Flavors. It makes a great gift for any holiday or a wonderful treat for yourself and loved ones.

Box of 3 Each of our Giant Organic Signature Cookies: Salted Lavender Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Chunk, Molasses Ginger Spice & Classic Snickerdoodle.

Free Shipping when you buy 2 boxes or more. Life is Sweet, Enjoy your Slice!